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Oakland is a bustling city within the San Francisco Bay Area in the state of California. Once the western terminal of the Transcontinental Railroad, the area has long been home to fertile soil and vibrant woodlands. Oakland today is well regarded for its efforts to promote green energy and cutting-edge sustainability practices.

An influx of people seeking lower living costs has made Oakland the epicenter of a cultural renaissance. Immigrants who have taken root in then city have brought in a diverse range of traditional food, and Oakland is rapidly gaining attention as a travel destination as more and more sophisticated restaurants and bars open.

Visitors to the city will be exposed to a dynamic and lively atmosphere, and the pleasant year round weather makes a walk through the numerous festivals and street fairs an enjoyable one. Oakland is renowned as one of the nation’s premier art communities, and has one of the highest concentrations of artists per capita in the country.

Drawing upon its history as a hub for rap and hip-hop, Oakland is also a focal point for blues and jazz music for the West Coast. Nightlife enthusiasts have a range of dance clubs, bars and lounges to choose from in the downtown. Oakland was also named America’s most exciting city in 2013 due to its diverse range of movie theatres and museums.

NAEGELI is located in the heart of downtown Oakland. Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Oakland office is located just minutes from the Oakland International Airport.  NAEGELI offers multiple high-tech conference rooms, which are tastefully decorated with a modern feel.



NAEGELI has rightfully earned its reputation as the top in the country by delivering the most experienced court reporters to legal professionals. Our Oakland California court reporters, many of whom are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters, take pride in providing highly accurate transcripts in advance of deadlines. NAEGELI is one of the only Oakland companies to offer a complimentary audio recording of your deposition proceedings. Our audio recordings are synchronized to the transcript text, so you can verify the precision of transcript. A synchronized audio recording can prove invaluable in settlement discussions or during trial, as more lawyers are opting to play back the audio recording as opposed to reading the cold transcript to the judge or jury. Speaking of trials, NAEGELI also offers court reporters to transcribe courtroom proceedings. When requested, rough drafts can be provided at the close of the day’s proceedings, enabling you to review the testimony and any rulings while the material is fresh in your mind.

NAEGELI offers a complete one-stop method to handle your deposition or hearing. Offering premier court reporters, online scheduling, complimentary conference rooms and case management, NAEGELI specializes in providing the most exact transcript and exhibit archiving presently available to attorneys, government agencies and corporate legal departments.

NAEGELI’s Oakland court reporters deliver the most trustworthy and accurate court reporting in the nation. Our Scheduling and Transcript Teams have over 35 years of experience meticulously handling the deposition calendars of your colleagues, providing them with professional assistance tailored specifically to their needs. Trust NAEGELI to free up your calendar so you can direct your attention to doing what you were born for: litigating your case.

NAEGELI also provides highly qualified court reporters in nearby cities such as San Francisco California, Berkeley California, Richmond California, Sausalito California, Walnut Creek California, Alameda California and throughout the country!


Whether you need powerful visual solutions for your deposition, remote meeting, training session or video conference, the NAEGELI Video Department has you covered. Our knowledgeable and experienced Oakland videographers create a more impactful deposition and record unique visual evidence for your use during all phases of litigation – at a distinctive cost savings for you and your clients. NAEGELI’s Oakland videography services enhance your case with a wide array of powerful tools to guarantee that your evidence is expressive and visually compelling, regardless of whether you need deposition recordings, international video conferencing or video streaming.

Leveraging its technical expertise, knowledge of state and federal guidelines and a keen eye on the human side of depositions, NAEGELI delivers formidable presentation tools to your case.

With video, you can capture the full range of expression that is communication. From tone, to content, to body language, you won’t miss a thing. Most Oakland California lawyers are incorporating video with their deposition to provide a level of intimidation and a greater level of credibility during trial. Using industry-leading recording equipment, our Oakland California videographers have the capability to record proceedings in a variety of formats.

In upholding our dedication to end-to-end litigation assistance, we offer video transcript synchronization and archival-quality digital images. Our team of legal videography specialists can seamlessly integrate video clips and synchronized transcripts directly into your trial presentation materials. In addition, they are adept at synchronizing external transcript videos and exhibits as clips, as demonstratives, or for direct side-by-side comparison.

Producing a transcript that is in sync with a video clip enables you to showcase impeaching video clips of witnesses testifying in their own words. Since the transcript is highlighted alongside the deponent’s words as they speak, legal professionals are able to make witness impeachment efficient and impactful. Simply put, video clips synchronized to transcripts enable you to tell the whole story. Our Oakland California videographers deliver the solutions you require to make your case as effective as possible.


Video conferencing brings you face to face with the key players in your case with the click of a button. Harness the power of an in–person deposition without the hassle and expense of traveling. With our Oakland California video conferencing solutions, never again will you have to choose between expensive travel and substandard phone depositions. Let us bring your deposition to you!

Our professional video conference specialists take the hassle out of scheduling by managing all of the research, testing, and technical issues, enabling you to focus on your deposition. Face your deponent or interviewee on a high definition screen just like they were in the same room with you, even if they are across the country. Your meeting or deposition is completed, it’s back to your home or office, not the hotel room. Concerned about cost? We offer detailed video conferencing proposals detailing your charges in advance, with no obligation, no surprise fees, no unexplained expenses.

NAEGELI’s streaming and video conferencing services save you time and money, by design. Whether you are preparing a witness, taking a deposition or conducting a firm-wide training, NAEGELI’s Oakland video conferencing solutions will revolutionize your practice.


Over the last 35 years, our Oakland California Transcription Department has earned a highly valued reputation for finishing assignments with precision and attention to deadlines. Relying on your administrative staff to create transcripts from a recording is probably not the best use of their time, and could end up costing you more down the line. Lawyers across the U.S. have found that the NAEGELI secure and encrypted audio file management system generates significant administrative efficiencies and cost savings.

Need to accurately and securely transcribe videotapes, meetings, statements, conferences, focus groups, interviews, and telephone conferences? Trust NAEGELI! Our skilled Oakland California transcriptionists have a talent for syntax and listening. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality transcripts available, which is why we enlist a Registered Diplomate Reporter to supervise our Transcription Department and monitor the whole process. We take our transcription projects very seriously at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial because we know what is riding on our work.

NAEGELI’s skilled and reliable Oakland transcriptionists are proficient in the terminology that is distinctive to the business and legal fields, enabling us to prepare your transcripts promptly and with unrivaled attention to detail. When searching for legal transcription services, unsurpassed quality is certain to be at the top of your list of must-haves. Our commitment to providing world-class service combined with our use of the latest technology has made NAEGELI the premiere legal transcription service for lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the country.


NAEGELI offers exceptional certified, credentialed and skilled interpreters throughout the country. Our interpreters speak over 200 languages, and are adept in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. With dedication spanning years of service, we have earned a stellar reputation for the excellence of our Oakland California interpreting team and reliable court reporting staff. We have successfully concluded thousands of projects in Oakland California and throughout the country. Whether your interpreter needs encompass trials and depositions, focus groups or business meetings, if you require an interpreter at the last minute, NAEGELI has you covered!

NAEGELI maintains a pool of interpreters who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing us to ensure that you get the interpreter with a background that most addresses your needs. Our interpreters are knowledgeable, professional and talented. When it comes to the most skilled American Sign Language interpreters in Oakland, our reputation is unmatched. Whether you require an Oakland area Russian, Spanish, or Chinese interpreter, lean on NAEGELI to take the hassle out of locating experienced and proficient interpreters to assist you and your client at any point in the legal process.


Finding yourself down to the wire preparing for trial? Trust the NAEGELI trial team to take on the technological heavy lifting! Whether you need trial presentation equipment, software or demonstratives, NAEGELI is fully outfitted to handle your unique needs in the courtroom. Our Oakland certified trial presentation consultants have years of experience ensuring your trial presentation is effective and efficient.  At NAEGELI, we understand that each lawyer has his or her own approach. For that reason, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Our services are tailored specifically to meet your needs and tastes, using our expertise and years of practice to safeguard your success from file to trial.

You can trust your Oakland trial support consultant to manage all facets of case presentation, from pre-trial planning to on-call trial solutions. NAEGELI frees you up to hone your soundest persuasive arguments, without the substantial stress that creating multi-media evidentiary materials can add. NAEGELI’s one-stop-shop approach benefits your bottom line, while saving you time and precious resources. Don’t burden your team with time-consuming administration or technological learning curves. From war room to courtroom, our trial team flawlessly incorporates your testimony, case documents, and evidentiary and discovery materials for quick recovery and presentation.

Your clients deserve nothing less than the most convincing presentation of their case evidence at trial. NAEGELI delivers trial presentation and courtroom assistance to clients needing strategic and all-inclusive presentation packages for court trials, mediation, and arbitration. For your added convenience, NAEGELI is one of the few firms to provide comprehensively trained Certified Trial Presenters in strategically placed locations throughout California and the country.

NAEGELI’s Oakland California team delivers cost-effective solutions for all cases, simple to complex. Boasting one of the largest support staffs in the U.S., NAEGELI appreciates the importance of deadlines and the significance of performing your project precisely, the first time and every time.

You may reach us at (800) 528-3335 or by clicking here to be directed to our scheduling page.

The Alameda County Courthouse is located just minutes from our office.


  • William B

    Date of Review: Jul 20, 2017

    For years, I have relied exclusively on Naegeli for my reporting needs. With a preponderance of my depositions involving expert testimony in medical malpractice cases, the real-time reporting Naegeli provides has been invaluable to my practice.