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Located along the Willamette River, Eugene, home of the University of Oregon, is bustling with a vibrant mix of sports, entertainment, arts and culture. Eugene's official slogan is "A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors". It is also referred to as the "Emerald City" and as "Track Town, USA". NAEGELI Deposition and Trial’s experienced team of court reporters are the best source for litigation support for attorneys in Eugene. We guarantee personal attention, timely results and thorough follow-up on every project.



NAEGELI is known as the best in the state when it comes to providing court reporters to the legal community. Our Eugene Oregon court reporters guarantee accurate and timely delivery of transcripts. Many of our court reporters in Eugene are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. NAEGELI also provides court reporters for trials. Upon request, rough drafts are provided each day so the judge’s rulings and prior testimony can be reflected upon in the timeliest manner. NAEGELI provides easy deposition scheduling options, fast turnaround time and transcripts in the format you want—when you want. NAEGELI offers on-call Eugene area court reporters and 24-hour client service.


Using the latest high-tech equipment, our Eugene videographers can record proceedings in various formats. Each of our videotaped depositions are synced, by the word, to the transcript. Video syncing your transcript allows for the ability to present an impeaching video clip of the witness in their own words. NAEGELI videotaped depositions are available in a media format that can be imported directly into your electronic devices for your mobile viewing. Our videographers in Eugene provide you with the tools you need to make your case presentation as successful as possible.


Why spend time traveling and incurring the cost of expensive hotels, transportation and meals, when you can trust NAEGELI to manage your Eugene video conference. Simply supply NAEGELI the details, including the date, time, and location you would like to connect to, and we will do the rest! We have beautiful video conferencing rooms in Eugene and can also provide video conferencing in any city nationwide. Your deponent or interviewee will be on a high definition screen for you to depose or query. You can use video conferencing to meet a variety of needs, including depositions, expert consultations, witness preparation, settlement negotiations, presentations, or general meetings.


NAEGELI offers a wide array of Eugene copying and scanning services, which include high-speed image scanning, electronic file conversion, Bates numbering, pagination, binding, database creation and optical character recognition (OCR). We are truly unrivaled when it comes to legal copying and scanning in Eugene Washington. Our experienced staff can scan your documents, maintain the integrity of folders and provide you with electronic media containing these images. Additionally, the handling of all your documents is HIPPA compliant and completely confidential.


Our team of trained Eugene transcriptionists are exceptionally skilled at listening and syntax. A Registered Diplomate Reporter is the Manager of our Transcription Department and oversees every aspect, ensuring you the highest quality transcript. We take our transcription assignments very seriously at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial because we know it is of great importance to you. Our transcription team has the expertise to manage any size of transcription project, guaranteeing on-time delivery and meeting your deadline.


NAEGELI is one of the only court reporting firms in the country that provides interpreting services for our clients, including legal translation in over 200 languages for Eugene and surrounding areas. We also provide Certified Language Interpreters as well as experts in American Sign Language. Our interpreters have lengthy deposition and trial experience and we guarantee the presence of a reliable, trained interpreter to assist you. Trust NAEGELI to take the guesswork out of finding competent and skilled interpreters to assist you and your client at any stage of the legal process.


Do not take the risk of poorly presenting your evidence at trial. Our Eugene trial presentation experts have years of experience making sure your trial media is presented efficiently and effectively. In addition to trial presentation services, we provide sophisticated courtroom equipment. We send one of our highly qualified trial presentation experts to your law firm’s location, provide a mock courtroom setup in the conference room, and demonstrate the latest courtroom technology. Your courtroom presentation will be tailored to your specific case needs. Additionally, we offer courtroom equipment setup, rental, and teardown.

Here at NAEGELI, we know that each attorney has their own style and one size does not fit all. We use our knowledge and years of experience to ensure your success. NAEGELI understands the urgency of deadlines and the importance of getting the job done right the first time. For you, this means that you will have the highest quality and consistent service each and every time.

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