Why Outsource Videoconferencing in Seattle

Videoconferencing is the perfect way to allow clients at different locations to come together for a meeting. Yes, you could arrange for videoconferencing to be organized at your Seattle law office, but you would then have to concern yourself with administrative and technical matters like seating, lighting, audio, software, and catering. Traveling to the office read more:

Portland Trial Technology Rapidly Changing to Help Attorneys

The courts in Portland, Oregon, have certainly come a long way since the days of microphones and speakers. As a trial attorney providing legal services in Portland, you will no doubt have noticed that times have changed for the better when it comes to trial technology. There is less paperwork involved now that the courts read more:

Seattle Trial Technology More Accessible than Ever

Modern trial technology has continued to grow apace and NAEGELI has always been on the front line advocating and facilitating effective use of courtroom technology. In Seattle, the courtroom podium is equipped with a touch panel monitor, document camera, microphone and VCR as well as laptop connections. The witness stand contains a touch panel monitor read more:

Finding Quality Court Reporters in Seattle

At NAEGELI, we are aware that the role of a Seattle court reporter is crucial to the success of an attorney’s case, both in terms of the accuracy of the transcript and the services provided. If you do not choose the right quality court reporting firm you could end up with error-riddled transcripts which – read more:

Court Reporter In Portland Oregon Using Realtime Technology To Minimize Costs And Technical Issues

A court reporter in Portland, Oregon that understands how to use realtime technology properly and efficiently is a rare find. As popular as it is, there are often problems with getting realtime set up and running properly. Indeed, this technology is still prone to technical issues. One common problem is that not all court reporters read more:

Why So Many Firms Outsource Videoconferening In Spokane

Videoconferencing is becoming one of the many tools law firms use to save time and resources in Spokane Washington. But the smart firms understand why outsourcing is better than doing it in house. Today, with the advances in videoconferencing technology, the law truly “knows no bounds”. Videoconferencing equipment and software have become more reliable, easier read more:

Court Reporters In Seattle And Video Depositions

More and more firms require court reporters in Seattle Washington to use technology that will save time and money and help them win cases. New video technology and software have made video depositions an integral part of the attorney’s case building and discovery process. Video depositions have now become affordable and less cumbersome – i.e. read more:

Spokane Legal Copying And Scanning

Many law firms in the Spokane area are looking for a reliable support team to help them go digital with their legal copying and scanning. The trend to go all digital has swept the legal community like few other productivity tools for the professions. The “practice of law has forever changed” is a truism that read more:

Right Court Reporter In Medford With The Right Interpreters

The best Court Reporters in Medford Oregon also have the right interpreters. In this age of rapid globalization, and as the United States continues to embrace its ever increasing diversity, it is inevitable that many lawyers and law firms will have the need to retain and utilize a foreign language interpreter for their depositions. Important read more:

Videoconferencing Portland, Oregon Law Firms

Videoconferencing is helping countless law firms in Portland, Oregon expand and grow their law practice. From time immemorial, much of an attorney’s work involved face-to-face consultations – meeting clients, deposing witnesses, negotiating with attorneys, and finalizing deals. With the advances of videoconferencing technology, there is no reason why attorneys cannot do those same interactive tasks read more: